We’ve hit 18,000 names. Well done everyone !

One week after justice for muttur’s campaign release, we got already 18000 signatures. More than 680.000 people have seen our movie. Would you like to add your signature? Help us to share the petition? It is very easy : To sign the petition : click here To share the message : Go on this website https://www.thunderclap.it/projects/422-put-war-criminals-behind-bars And click on « Support with Twitter » or « Support with Facebook ». On October 26. D Day, the following message will be published on facebook. “Sri Lanka: Humanitarians killed. Call upon UN members to put an end to impunity #JusticeForMuttur #srilanka http://thndr.it/UhryAL” The strength of this : this message will be shared at the same time via the followers. It will appear on every social network and give more impact to the petition. The website protects datas and confidentiality. Your authorization is only effective on this campaign.

Posté le 26 octobre 2012 dans Justice For Muttur


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